Professional Profile

  1. Professional Experience
  2. Voluntary Experience
  3. Skills
  4. Education

Professional Experience

Ashok Kumar Fellowship. Jan 2022 – Apr 2022.

Working alongside scientific advisors to inform the work of Parliamentarians and Peers. Read more here.

PhD Researcher. Sept 2019 – Jan 2022, Apr 2022 – Dec 2023.


  • Determining the formation pathway of nano-sized, bio-inspired silica, especially in the oligomeric stages
  • The intention is to apply this knowledge to enable sustainable silica manufacture and functionalisiation for specific applications.
  • Examples applications include carbon dioxide capture, catalysts and drug delivery system

TASS Athlete Advisory Group Chair. Sept 2018 – Sept 2020.

Lead a small team to identify research-informed service improvements. Communicated these to the board, requiring mediation of different views to ensure that appropriate recommendations are implemented. Responding to the needs of internal and external stakeholders whilst ensuring the right recommendations are implemented in order to have a positive impact on the lives and careers of TASS athletes.

Graduate Teaching Assistant. Sept 2019 – Jul 2021.

Employability Module – Creating and delivering lectures & seminars. Organising and running an Employability Conference for Bachelors & Masters year students.

Reaction Engineering Module – Communicating complex Chemical Engineering concepts clearly (eg. columns, pumps, HEXs) through lectures, seminars and design week (a week long real-world based issue to solve).

Teaching Internship. Jun – Jul 2018.

Teacher and teaching assistant in Maths and Science classes of students from year 7 to 13. Also tutored students individually and in small groups with Gifted and Talented Phyiscal Education students.

npower Social Energy & Green Issues Intern. Jul – Aug 2017.

Simultaneously worked on a variety of projects, gaining experience networking in a large business environment. Tasks included:

  • npower fuel bank – creating web page content, marketing material, theory of change and risk management documents
  • Smart meter vulnerable customer trial – developing a trial to ensure all customers were helped, not harmed by smart meter installation. Networked with internal and external stakeholders to maximise the benefit to customers and the business of the trial.
  • Renewable energy budget – presented possible spending scenarios for a renewable energy budget considering logistics, business cost and benefit, overal impact and relevant regulation

Swim Skills Demonstrator. Apr 2014 – Mar 2020.

Work with able and disabled children from 9 to 15 years old, advising on how swimmers/parents can improve performance through technique and lifestyle changes via presentations, talks and Q&As with swimmers. Educate others on time management and organisation based on my experience balancing my international sporting and academic careers. Help to facilitate the overall smooth running of events.

Voluntary Experience

Policy Researcher. Jul 2021 – present.

Research solutions to help overcome barriers in sport for women and girls. Use this with current policy and best practice to advise sporting governing bodies on beneficial policy changes.

Our Streets Now Content Creator. Nov 2020 – present.

Outreach workerfor Our Streets Now, working to end Public Sexual Harassment through cultural change. My roles include:

  • Work as part of a diverse team to strategising how we can enact change
  • Create social media content for a following of over 50 K
  • Recruit and manage panel members and chair meetings to review the educational content we produce for schools
  • Much more, including public engagement and reviewing strategic documents

GRAND President. Oct 2019 – Jul 2021.

GRAND (Graduate Resarch and Network Development) is The University of Sheffield’s Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering’s PGR community. My roles as president include developing activities & resources for researcher development, support and outreach activities.

This Girl Can Article (Nov 2017) & Panel (Nov 2019)

Wrote an article to match a brief for The University of Sheffield’s 2017 This Girl Can campaign to inspire University students to get into sport.

Invited to be part of a public panel discussion on barriers to women in sport in the Students’ Union bar with fellow panellists Lipa Nessa, Kate Rickard & Jen Selim.

Green Impact Project Assistant (& Bronze Award). Sept 2016 – Mar 2017.

Lead a team in making positive institutional changes, such as reducing energy use and waste within their department.


  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Integrity
  5. Problem solving
  6. Energy and drive
  7. Flexibility
  8. Independent learner
  9. Creativity


  • Teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield, I have experience designing and delivering lectures, as well as supporting others’ teaching
  • Published author – written multiple articles for a children’s magazine explaining complex engineering concepts to primary aged children
  • Award-winning poster – awarded the poster-prize runner up for my Masters year research project at The University of Sheffield, communicating my research on nitrogen dioxide gas detecting films


Integrated Masters degree in Chemical Engineering with Energy

Class: 1st class


  • The Siddall Award (Jul 2019) – The student who has demonstrated the greatest academic and/or personal achievement throughout their programme of study
  • Moorside Energy Prize For Chemical Engineering (Jul 2019) – Best overall performance throughout the degree programme.
  • Best Research Project Poster (runner-up) (Jul 2019).
  • Chemical Engineering Academic Achievement Scholarships (Sept 2015) – in recognition of academic promise, based on A Level grades
  • Elite Sports Performance Scholarship (Sept 2015 to present) – recognition and support of students who are both studying and competing at the highest level

4th year (Masters): 1st Class
Research Project – Novel NO2 Detector Fabrication
Environment – Gaseous Emissions
Environment – Particulate Emissions
Energy From Waste and Biomass
Nuclear Reactor Engineering
Low Carbon Energy Science & Technology
Synthetic Biology
Industrial Marketing

2nd year grade: 81 %
Transport & Separation Processes
Chemical Engineering Design
Practical Chemical Engineering
Chemistry for Chemical Engineers
Mathematics III (Chemical)
Fuel & Energy Utilisation

3rd year: 1st class
Process Design Project
Process Dynamics & Control
Chemical Engineering Design
Environmental Protection
Advanced Chemical Engineering
Nuclear Science & Engineering
Oil and Gas Utilisation
Project Management & HRM for Engineers

First year grade: 79%
Chemical Engineering Design
Applied Chemical Engineering
Mathematics (Chemical)
Organic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers
Science for Chemical Engineers
Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Additional courses

Graphic Design (Shaw). June-July 2020.

Presenting your work with impact (The University of Leeds)

Achieve More Level 2: 10 Billion (The University of Sheffield).