Current Roles

PhD Researcher (University of Sheffield)

Sponsored swimmer (City of Sheffield)

STEM outreach worker

Advocate for girls in sport (Kyniska Advocacy)

Speaker (adhock – contact me!)

2 x University scholarship awardee

4 x University prize-winner

Amber Keegan

Amber is a researcher, an athlete and a changemaker.

By day, she researches how to manufacture nano-sized silica more sustainably, and tailor it to specific applications (e.g. carbon dioxide capture and cancer drug delivery).

Also by day, she is an elite swimmer. Having represented GBR on three occasions, she is aiming to make the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games for Team England.

By night (or weekends, or lunch breaks) Amber works towards her dream of creating a truly equal world for future generations of girls: equal safety, equal pay and equal opportunity.

At the heart of Amber’s work is the desire to make the world a better place, through STEM, in STEM and in sport.

She delivers talks to young people (through presentation, panel and workshop formats) about working in both of these sectors and especially enjoys talking to girls to encourage them to persevere in traditionally male-dominated fields. Recognising that increasing diversity isn’t just about motivational speeches, she also works to make real change by removing barriers that make it difficult for women and girls to occupy these spaces, including:

  • Educating young people, and people who work with young people, about how to end Public Sexual Harassment against women and marginalised genders (at Our Streets Now)
  • Helping to create policies that work for girls and women in sport (at Kyniska Advocacy)
  • A top-secret project that will be revealed soon!

“STEM and sport are quite different, but the skills needed are the same: organisation, commitment and perseverance! They complement each other. Sport taught me what it is to persevere despite repeated setbacks. Engineering taught me to quickly research and understand new scientific concepts, in fields I might have no prior knowledge of!”


University of Sheffield – Wall of Women (Feb 2021)

Women’s Sport Trust Unlocked Programme (Apr 2021)

1 Million Women in Stem Campaign (May 2020)

A Day in Lockdown Life (Apr 2020)

Green Nanomaterials Research Group (Sept 2019-present)

Overcoming Obstacles to Win National Gold (Feb 2020)

Interview as Part of Sheffield’s BUCS Gold Rush (Feb 2020)

This Girl Can (Dec 2019)

Ambitions for Athlete Rep Role (Oct 2018)

Opening Nottingham’s New Pool (Oct 2013)