Current Roles

PhD Researcher

Graduate teaching assisstant

Sponsored swimmer

STEM outreach worker


GRAND President

Encourager of girls in STEM & sport

2 x University scholarship awardee

4 x University prize-winner

Amber Keegan

Amber is a PhD researcher at The University of Sheffield. Her current research focuses on determining the formation pathway of nano-sized, bio-inspired silica, especially in the oligomeric stages. The intention is to apply this knowledge to enable sustainable silica manufacture and functionalisiation for specific applications. This, in real-world terms, means looking at how silica can be produced by an environmentally friendly method, and how the product can be optimised for different applications. Examples applications include carbon dioxide capture, catalysts and drug delivery systems.


Black & Gold Podcast Interview (Sept 2020)

1 Million Women in Stem Campaign (May 2020)

A Day in Lockdown Life (Apr 2020)

Green Nanomaterials Research Group (Sept 2019-present)

Overcoming Obstacles to Win National Gold (Feb 2020)

Interview as Part of Sheffield’s BUCS Gold Rush (Feb 2020)

This Girl Can (Dec 2019)

Ambitions for Athlete Rep Role (Oct 2018)

Opening Nottingham’s New Pool (Oct 2013)

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