Amber is a researcher, an athlete and a changemaker.

By day she is a Chemical Engineer. After graduating with a first-class degree and four prizes, she is now pursuing a PhD investigating how to manufacture nano-sized silica more sustainably and tailor it to specific applications (e.g. carbon dioxide capture and cancer drug delivery).

Also by day, she is an elite swimmer. Having represented GBR on three occasions, she is aiming to make the 2022 World University Games and World Championships.

By night (or weekends, or lunch breaks) Amber volunteers in roles aligning with her dream of creating a truly equal world for future generations of girls: equal safety, equal pay and equal opportunity.

At the heart of Amber’s work is the desire to make the world a better place, through STEM, in STEM and in sport.

After completing her PhD at The University of Sheffield, she aspires to a career in science policy.


If you’re interested in collaborating, please drop me a line.